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LG Studioworks 520Si
Manufacturer LG
Type Consumer/Business
Size 15"
Dimensions Width: 360 mm

Depth: 386 mm

Height: 389 mm
Weight 12.5 kg
Dot Pitch 0.28 mm
240p/480i No
480p Yes
720p Yes
1080i Yes
1080p No
Vsync 50-120 Hz
Widescreen No
Component 1x rear (VGA HD-15, fixed cable)
Chassis CB550B = 6870T197A10
Remote None
Operation Manual Media:LG Studioworks 520Si.pdf
Service Manual as above

The LG Studioworks 520Si is a lower-end (30 to 54 CRT:KHz) XGA computer monitor; within its class it is however a solid performer, with simple and nonintrusive off-screen controls (brightness, contrast, size and position, pincushion, trapezoid).

It supports two out of three DPMS levels, reducing power consumption to under 15 W in standby mode and under 5 W in soft-off mode.

The manual, curiously, openly estimates it as being suitable for 7 years of use.