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Page content & researching collaboratively taken from's PS4 page with permission.

There are three PS4 models, and three revisions within two of these models.

Models + Revisions

Models are arranged chronologically. Revisions are underneath their respective model.

“PlayStation 4 (original; CUH-1xxx)” (2013-2016)

Louder, bulkier, with few extra features, the original PlayStation 4 doesn’t have very much remarkable about it. These consoles featured a two-layer blocky body coming in many colors, (slow) Ethernet and Wi-Fi, optical audio out, plus many other features that are not unique to it. Some of these were also known to have noisy fans, with lower temperatures coming with it.

“CUH-10xxA” (2013-2014)

Loud fans, slow network card, glossy finish, and touch buttons, with many people saying these kept dying on them. Simple as that.

“CUH-11xxA/B” (2014-2015/2016?)

Nothing is different with these compared to the 10xxA, except the network card has been somewhat improved, albeit still mediocre. It is important to note that “A” systems had a 500 GB drive, and “B” systems had a 1 TB drive. This applies to the 12xx systems also.

“CUH-12xxA/B” (2015-2016)

Often seen as the "best" original revision, due to a few helpful changes. These systems have a quieter fan, mechanical buttons instead of touch buttons, and a matte finish. As with the 11xx systems, “A” means 500 GB drive, and “B” means 1 TB drive.

“PlayStation 4 Slim (CUH-20xx)” (2016-present)

Smaller, less expensive, and with a few upgrades, the PS4 Slim is certainly the best model for anyone that wants a new system, because Sony still makes these. When it comes to feature changes, the Slim upgraded the system’s USB ports to USB 3.1, enhanced the network card’s speed capabilities, while shrinking the system down and rounding it out. However, the optical audio port was removed from this version.

“PlayStation 4 Pro (CUH-70xx)” (2016-2021)

With the “Pro” in the name, it’s unsurprising to hear that things improved with this PS4 version. Unlike the PS4 Slim, the PS4 Pro retains the “layer” appearance of the original PS4, by simply adding a “layer” to the design. When it comes to input and output, the PS4 Pro is identical to the PS4 Slim (USB 3.1, better network, no optical audio, so on). Internally of course, there’s more RAM, superior CPU and GPU clocks, and other hardware improvements. This affords the ability to run games at faux-4K, add graphical enhancements, and so on. Such better hardware dpes impact the performance of homebrew, but only to a minor level.

“CUH-70xx” (2016-2017)

Alongside the upgrades that came with the PS4 Pro in general, this launch revision of the PS4 Pro was known to be the loudest and coolest, temperature-wise.

“CUH-71xx” (2017-2018)

A sort of “in-between” revision for the PS4 Pro, coming with somewhat quieter fans and somewhat raised temperatures. Otherwise, these are very typical PS4 Pro systems.

“CUH-72xx” (2018-2021)

Taking cues from the 71xx, the 72xx further reduced fan noise, which raised temperatures again. However, there was also a change to the power connector, having been altered to be the same cord as used on the PS4 Slim.