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Manufacturer Sony
Type Professional
Size 14"
Dimensions Width: 346mm, 13.62in

Depth: 430.5, 16.95in

Height: 340mm, 13.39"
Weight 38.9lb, 17.7kg
TV Lines 800
Dot Pitch 0.25mm
Firmware Unknown
Earliest Date 1997
240p/480i Yes
480p No
720p No
1080i No
Vsync 50/60hz
Widescreen No
Composite 2x (Line A/B)
S-Video 1x (Line C)
Component 1x RGB/YPbPr

Sony's PVM-14M4U Color Production SMPTE-C Monitor is a convenient professional video option. This 14-inch Trinitron color production monitor features SMPTE-C phosphors for accurate color matching, knob-type controls for easy setup, and a menu-driven CPU with on-screen display (OSD). The monitor accepts NTSC, NTSC (4.43), PAL, SECAM in Composite, Y/C and RGB, and Y/R-Y/B-Y formats. SDI with the optional BKM-101C card, call for details on the SDI card!


Featuring one of the latest developments in Sony display technology, the HR Trinitron, the M4 Series of monitors has a resolution of 800TV lines.

With stunning picture performance, flexibility of signal connections, a full range of optional functions and ease of operation, these new Sony monitors are designed to meet the demands of a wide range of picture monitoring and production applications.

Good all-around PVM for sitting on your desk or other space-saving applications. Not the most reliable PVM series but common repairs are well documented.

There were several board revisions, getting a later model-year will ensure a more reliable experience. Sony changed the spec of several commonly failing capacitors.

Common Repairs

Power Supply Failure:

Try testing with known good PSU if available. If not available test PSU outputs with load to see if voltage is within spec printed below connector. Regulators commonly fail. Cap failure less likely but still possible.

3 RGB lines at top of screen:

Check if underscanning (either with toggle swith or due to V-Height). If not underscanning then there is a deflection capacitor failure. Replace C-572 and C-584 on A Board. There is an old reccomendation to adjust the V-BLNK (V-Blanking) value in the serivce menu to 'push' the lines up off of the screen but this is not reccomended and only a temporary fix at best. It can further accelerate the death of the aforementioned capcitors and cause damage to other components. More information here: RetroTech on YouTube


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