Genesis:Restoring CD Audio (Model 3)

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Model 3 Genesis units can have much of the functionality of an original Genesis restored by connecting some pins on the GOAC that are missing connections to the cartridge port (see diagram below). Neither can connect to a Sega CD, but if you’re using a Mega SD or Mega EverDrive PRO, you can restore Sega CD audio by connecting B1 and B3 to a Mega Amp, Triple Bypass or Onboard Audio using 75ohm pull-down resistors.

Genesis 3 VA1

The VA1 can have 32X, Virtua Racing, Game Genie, and Sega Master System (without FM audio) support restored by connecting wires from the following pins on the cartridge port to the Sega 315-5960 GOAC.

Completed Sega CD audio fix (green wires only).
Cart Port Pin 315-5960 GOAC Pin
B1 Left Audio (XL)*
B3 Right Audio (XR)*
B12 Pin 24
B13 Pin 25
B14 Pin 26
B15 Pin 152
B19 Pin 151
B21 Pin 158
B30 Pin 43
B32 Pin 42
*Pin on Mega Amp or Triple Bypass board

Genesis 3 VA2

Unfortunately, the VA2’s can only have Virtua Racing and Game Genie functionality restored, resulting in no expanded functionality past the Genesis library. However, you can still restore Sega CD audio.

  • Connect B1 (Audio Left; XL) and B3 (Audio Right; XR) to a Mega Amp or Triple Bypass board.
  • Add a short jumper wire between cartridge pins B26 and B11 as shown below.
  • Run wires from the following pin B19 on the cartridge port to pin 154 on the Sega 315-6123 GOAC chip.