NDS:Creating Game Backups

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Nintendo DS/Lite

Over the network

  1. Configure your DS to connect to the same network as a device with a FTP client.
  2. Download and run WoodDumper. (Any method is viable, from flashcard to Wii.)
  3. If needed, swap to the game to be dumped.
  4. Press A to mount the game card and start the server.
  5. Connect to it and download the ROM and/or save as needed.

With a Slot-2 flashcard

  1. Download WoodDumper Slot-2.
  2. DLDI patch and run it.
  3. to be written

With a Slot-1 flashcard and Slot-2 RAM

Note This method uses the older dumper "NDS Backup Tool" by Rudolph, which cannot accurately dump the secure area.
  1. Download the homebrew (Official version for early production Ez-Flash 3in1 - Hack for 3in1+).
  2. to be written

Nintendo DSi

  1. Ensure your DSi is capable of running DSi homebrew.
  2. Insert the game card to be dumped.
  3. Download and run GodMode9i.
  4. Select the "NDS GAMECARD" option in GodMode9i, and choose whether you would like the trimmed dump (smaller, trims off garbage data), or the full dump (entire ROM is dumped).
  5. Once the dump is finished, it should be in /gm9i/out/ on the SD card.

Nintendo 3DS

  1. Ensure your 2/3DS is capable of running ARM9 homebrew, i.e .firm files.
  2. Download and run GodMode9.
  3. If needed, swap to the game to be dumped.
  4. Select [C:] GAMECART.
  5. Scroll to the .nds (or .trim.nds) file.
  6. You can either manually copy and paste it to the SD using the Y button, or press A and select "Copy to 0:/gm9/out/".


Note This method is not recommended due to the lack of hardware availability and dependance on proprietary software and drivers for older operating systems.

The long-discontinued Neoflash SMS2 and SMS4 products, as well as a modified original SMS can be used to dump DS games without a DS.

Other DS card readers for the PC, such as the 3DS PowerSaves and the R4i Save Dongle, are technically capable of dumping ROMs but have no