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Author Milenko / Harcroft / Greg the Goat
Type Content Discovery Tool
Version 0.4.X
License General Public License v3.0
Website TeamUIX Website
Source GitHub Repo
Download(s) GitHub Repo

Pinecone is a content discovery tool for Xbox hard drives. It detects title updates and downloadable content. Written in GoLang, Pinecone is currently a command-line interface (CLI) tool, with ongoing efforts to develop it into a graphical user interface (GUI) tool. Eventually, it is planned to serve as a PC counterpart to other Xbox based applications.

Harcroft's Data

Pinecone utilizes JSON files containing hashes, title IDs, and other identifiers for searching purposes. Below is a simplified example of such JSON:

    "Title": "Advent Rising",
    "Content ID": "4d4a000900000000",
    "Title Updates": [],
    "Title Updates Known": [],
    "Archived": {
        "4d4a000900000000": "Contest Week 1"