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Over the lifespan of the Xbox 360, various hardware was created to accommodate newly developed hacks and improvements for the console. The table below contains a list of these devices and a picture to allow for visual identification.

If you have any further information or corrections on the entries here (including sources), please let us know!

Modding Hardware

Manufacturer Product Name Product Type Picture
InFeCtuS (Orega Bros.) InFeCtuS V1 NAND Flasher 360-Infectus-v1.jpg
Glitch360 Team Glitch360SPI 3.0 NAND Flasher 360-Glitch360SPI.jpg
Maximus/XK3Y NANDKey NAND Flasher 360-NANDKey.jpg
The Mod Shop xFlasher 360 NAND Flasher 360-xFlasher-360.jpg
Maximus Maximus NANDFlasher v1.2 NAND Flasher 360-Maximus-NANDflasher-v1.2.jpg
Xbox Experts Generic NAND Flasher NAND Flasher 360-XE-Generic-Flasher.jpg
China Super NAND Flasher NAND Flasher 360-Super-NAND-Flasher.jpg
Matrix MTX SPI NAND Flasher V1 NAND Flasher 360-Matrix-Flasher-v1.jpg
Team Xecuter NAND-X NAND Flasher 360-NAND-X.jpg
Team Xecuter JR Programmer V1 NAND Flasher 360-JR-Programmer-V1.jpg
Team Xecuter JR Programmer V2 NAND Flasher 360-JR-Programmer-V2.jpg
Team Xecuter TX 4GB RW Kit V4 eMMC NAND Flasher 360-maximus-sd-tool.jpg
The Mod Shop SD Tool v2.2 eMMC NAND Flasher TX RW Kit V4.jpg
The Mod Shop SD Tool v2.2 eMMC NAND Flasher 360-SD-Tool-2.2.jpg
The Mod Shop 4GB USB Tool eMMC NAND Flasher 360-usb-tool.jpg
Team Xecuter Coolrunner Rev A Glitch Chip 360-CR-Rev-A.jpg
Team Xecuter Coolrunner Rev C Glitch Chip 360-CR-Rev-C.jpg
Team Xecuter DGX v1.0 (No DIP) Glitch Chip 360-DGX-1.0-NoDIP.jpg
Team Xecuter DGX 1.0 Glitch Chip 360-DGX-1.0.jpg
Team Xecuter DGX 1.1s Glitch Chip 360-DGX-1.1s.jpg
Team Xecuter CR3 Lite Glitch Chip 360-CR3-Lite.jpg
Team Xecuter CR3 Pro v1.0s Full Post Glitch Chip 360-CR3-PRO-v1.0s-FullPost.jpg
Team Xecuter Slim Proto v2 Glitch Chip 360-Slim-Proto-v2.jpg
Team Xecuter CR4 XL v4 Glitch Chip 360-CR4-XL-v4.jpg
Team Xecuter R-JTAG v1.1 Glitch Chip R-JTAG-v1.1.jpg
TIAO Coolrunner 2 Glitch Chip 360-TIAO-Coolrunner-2.jpg
KIPPER2k KIPPER2k Glitch Chip 360-KIPPER2k.jpg
Librasoft x360 Glitchip v1.1 Glitch Chip 360-x360-Glitchhip.jpg
X360PRO X360PRO V5 Glitch Chip X360PRO V5.jpg
X360ACE ACE V1 (Red Ver) Glitch Chip 360-X360ACE-V1-Red.jpg
X360ACE ACE V1 (Black Ver) Glitch Chip ACEV1.jpg
X360ACE ACE V1 Clone (TKOS V1 Branding) Glitch Chip ACEV1 Clone.jpg
X360ACE ACE V2R Glitch Chip 360-Ace-v2r.jpg
X360ACE ACE V3 (Purple Ver) Glitch Chip X360Ace V3 (Purple Ver).jpg
X360ACE ACE V3 Glitch Chip X360ACE V3.jpg
X360ACE ACE V3R Glitch Chip 360-Ace-v3r.jpg
X360ACE ACE V3+ Glitch Chip X360 ACE V3+.jpg
X360ACE ACE V5 Glitch Chip X360ACE V5.jpg
X360 Mega 360 Mega v1.0 Glitch Chip 360-Mega-v1.0.jpg
Stone DGX Stone 1.0 Glitch Chip 360-DGX-Stone-1.0.jpg
Stone DGX Stone 1.1 Glitch Chip 360-DGX-Stone-1.1.jpg
Team Squirt 360Squirt 1.0 Glitch Chip 360-Squirt-1.0.jpg
Team Squirt 360Squirt BGA 1.2 Glitch Chip 360-Squirt-1.2.jpg
Team Squirt 360Squirt Micro 1.3 Glitch Chip 360-Squirt-Micro.jpg
Team Squirt 360Squirt Reloaded 2.1 Glitch Chip 360-Squirt-Reloaded.jpg
X360Run X360Run 1.0 Glitch Chip 360-X360Run-1.0.jpg
X360Run X360Run 1.1 Glitch Chip 360-X360Run-1.1.jpg
Smart Chip Matrix Glitcher V1 Clone Glitch Chip Smart Chip.jpg
Matrix Matrix Glitcher V1 Glitch Chip Matrix Glitcher V1.jpg
Matrix Matrix Glitcher V1 (Rev 2) Glitch Chip Matrix Glitcher V1 Rev 2.jpg
Matrix Matrix V1 3.5 Glitch Chip 360-Matrix-v1-3.5.jpg
Matrix Matrix Glitcher II Glitch Chip 360-Matrix-2.jpg
Matrix Matrix External Programmer Programmer 360-Matrix-External-Programmer.jpg
Maximus Maximus Stinger V2.4L Glitch Chip 360-Maximus-Stinger-V2.4L.jpg
Maximus Maximus Stinger V3.0L Glitch Chip 360-Maximus-Stinger-V3.0L.jpg
Glitch360 Team Glitch360Shark Dual NAND Chip 360-Glitch360Shark.jpg
Team Xecuter Demon Phat E Dual NAND Chip 360-Demon-Phat-E.jpg
Team Xecuter Demon Slim E Dual NAND Chip 360-Demon-Slim-E.jpg
Cygnos360 Cygnos360 V1 Rev C Dual NAND Chip 360-Cygnos360-V1-Rev-C.jpg
Cygnos360 Cygnos360 V2 Rev E Dual NAND Chip 360-Cygnos360-V2-Rev-E.jpg
Cygnos360 Cygnos360 V2 Rev F Dual NAND Chip 360-Cygnos360-V2-Rev-F.jpg
Matrix Matrix Trident Triple NAND Chip 360-Matrix-Trident.jpg
X360Pro X360Pro V6 Glitch Chip/Dual NAND/Flasher 360-X360Pro-V6.jpg
The Mod Shop Viper Dual NAND V1 First Production Dual NAND Chip 360-Viper-v1-green.jpg
The Mod Shop Viper Dual NAND V1 Second Style Dual NAND Chip 360-Viper-v1-black.jpg
The Mod Shop Viper Dual NAND V2 Dual NAND Chip 360-Viper-v2.jpg
The Mod Shop Viper Dual NAND V3 Dual NAND Chip Viper V3.jpg
The Mod Shop Viper Triple NAND Triple NAND Chip Viper Triple.jpg
The Mod Shop Viper Dual NAND Pro Dual NAND/SPI/UART/POST Combo Viper Pro V3.jpg
Team Xecuter TX Glow Mod ROL Fader 360-TX-Glow-Mod.jpg
Team Xecuter Sonus 360 (Phat) Sound Chip 360-TX-Sonus-Phat.jpg
The Mod Shop Slim PLL QSB QSB 360-PLL-QSB.jpg
Team Xecuter Slim Post QSB RGH 1.2/3 QSB 360-TX-Slim-POST-QSB.jpg
Team Xecuter Slim Post QSB V3 QSB 360-TX-Slim-POST-QSB-V3.jpg
Team Xecuter Phat Post QSB V2 QSB 360-TX-Phat-POST-QSB-V2.jpg
Team Xecuter TX NAND QSB QSB 360-TX-NAND-QSB-V3.jpg
Team Xecuter TX Probe 3 Drive Flashing 360-TX-Probe-3.jpg
Team Xecuter CK3 Probe Drive Flashing 360 CK3 Probe.jpg
Maximus Maximus BlackJack Drive Flashing 360-Maximus-BlackJack.jpg
Team Xecuter Xecuter LT Switch V1.5 Drive Flashing Xecuter LT Switch.jpg
Maximus Maximus LiteOn Rebuild Board Drive Flashing 360-Maximus-Liteone-Rebuild.jpg
Maximus Maximus Scorpion Probe V2 Drive Flashing 360-Maximus-Scorpion-2-Probe.jpg
Maximus Maximus USB Xtractor V1 Drive Flashing 360-Maximus-USB-Xtractor-1.0.jpg
Maximus Maximus Spear Drive Flashing 360-Maximus-Spear.jpg
Maximus Maximus Vampire Drive Flashing 360-Maximus-Vampire.jpg
Maximus Maximus Trident Drive Flashing 360-Maximus-Trident.jpg
Maximus Maximus Lizard Drive Flashing 360-Maximus-Lizard.jpg
Team Xecuter X360USB Pro V1 Drive Flashing 360-USB-Pro-V1.jpg
Team Xecuter X360USB Pro V1 (Jungle Flasher Edition) Drive Flashing X360 USB Pro V1 JF Edition.jpg
Team Xecuter X360USB Pro V2 Drive Flashing 360-USB-Pro-V2.jpg
Team Xecuter CK3i Drive Flashing 360-CK3i.jpg
Team Xecuter CK3 Lite Drive Flashing TX CK3 Lite.jpg
Team Xecuter CK3 Pro Drive Flashing 360-CK3-Pro.jpg
Wasabi 360 Wasabi 360 Ultra (Slim) Drive Flashing/ODE Wasabi 360.jpg
X360Dock X360Dock Module 1 & 2 Drive Flashing/ODE X360dock.jpg
Team XK3Y XK3Y with Remote Drive Flashing/ODE 360-XK3Y.jpg
Maximus Maximus Kamikaze Template Drive Flashing 360-Kamikaze-Template.jpg
Maximus 360 Xtractor Pro V1 Drive Flashing 360-Xtractor-Pro-V1.jpg
Maximus Maximus 360 Power Unit Dongle Drive Flashing 360-Maximus-Power-Dongle.jpg
TIAO TIAO DVD Drive Power Board Drive Flashing 360-TIAO-Drive-Powerboard.jpg
TIAO 360Sata HDD Tool 360-TIAO-360Sata.jpg
Team Xecuter Xecuter HDD Adapter V2 HDD Tool 360-HDD-Adapter-V2.jpg
Team Xecuter Xecuter HDD Adapter V2 (Black Ver) HDD Tool 360 HDD Adapter V2 (Black).jpg
Team Xecuter TX Minimus AVR USB V1 Dev Board 360-TX-Minimus-AVR.jpg