3DS:IPS vs TN Screen Comparison

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This is a guide for 3DS collectors/enthusiasts to find the system with the best possible screen. Sadly, unlike Nintendo’s other products, the 3DS (and its many versions) are all over the place when it comes to screen type and quality. Most 3DSs come with TN style LCD screens which are fine. However, with TN screens contrast/viewing angle is not optimal and are more likely to have inconsistent colors. Then there is the random luck of getting a system with an IPS screen which tend to have superior contrast, viewing angle, and color.

For the following tests and comparisons, we will be using the application Activity Log because it is standard software on all Nintendo 3DSs, screen brightness will be turned to max (level 5 auto brightness off), power save mode turned off, and if the system had a 3D mode it was disabled.

Yellow Screen

First let’s look at the dreaded yellow screen. Below are two original 3DSs. The system on the left has a severe yellow tint on the top screen and even the secondary touchscreen is somewhat yellowed.


Some 3DS XLs are also prone to this defect. However, the yellowing effect may not be as pronounced.


Finding an IPS

Next, let’s try to find one of those lucky IPS screened 3DSs. In the picture below we have a “New” 3DS with an IPS screen on the left and one with a TN screen on the right. The IPS system (left) has noticeably better colors and contrast. However, it’s hard to see the difference between the two with the camera and light. But, there’s an easy way to tell if you have an IPS or TN screen.


The Tilt Test

Just tilt the system so you can see the screen from an angle. If you can still see the image you got yourself an IPS screen. If the image is obscured mostly by the backlight then you have the more common TN screen.

IPSgif.gif TNgif.gif

"New" 3DS


"New" 3DS XL



As for the 2DS and “New” 2DS, so far all have TN screens.