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Sony CVM-??50
Manufacturer Sony
Type Commercial/Professional
Size 12", 17", 21"
Regions NTSC
240p/480i Yes
480p No
Vsync 60 Hz only?
Widescreen No
RF 1x rear (VHF: "F" 75 Ω or flat cable 300 Ω, UHF: 300 Ω only)
Composite 2x rear (1x BNC, 1x EIAJ-8 VTR)
Audio Input 2x rear (1x minijack, 1x EIAJ-8 VTR)
Remote None

The CVM-1250/1750/2150 family is a series of TVs allegedly based on the CRT:KV-1201/1701/2101 range[1] with a redesigned case and added composite inputs and outputs, targeted but not limited to the VTR market.

It is notable for being one of the first Trinitrons with composite input (if not possibly THE first in the American market); it also is one of the few hot chassis TVs with (individually isolated - $$$) connectors beyond antenna and headphones.