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KV-30HS420 1.JPG
Manufacturer Sony
Type Consumer (HD)
Size 30 inch
Dimensions Width: 900mm

Depth: 600mm

Height: 600mm
Weight 150 lb
Regions NTSC
240p/480i Yes (upscaled to 960i or 480p)
480p Yes
720p Yes
1080i Yes (native)
Widescreen Yes
Composite 4 (3 rear, 1 front)
S-Video 3 (2 rear, 1 front)
Component 2 HD-compatible (accepts 1080i/720p/480p/480i signals)
HD-SDI 1 HDMI (Digital audio or Separate RCA Stereo inputs)
Speakers Stereo Speakers 1x Stereo RCA out
Operation Manual KV-30HS420 Operating Instructions
Service Manual Service Manual


KV-30HS420 1.JPG KV-30HS420 2.JPG KV-30HS420 3.JPG KV-30HS420 4.JPG KV-30HS420 Front.JPG KV-30HS420 Rear.JPG KV-30HS420 Side.JPG KV-30HS420 Inputs.JPG KV-30HS420 Controls.JPG KV-30HS420 Label.JPG KV-30HS420 Inside.JPG KV-30HS420 Inside 2.JPG KV-30HS420 Chassis.JPG KV-30HS420 Tube Label.JPG KV-30HS420 Tube Label 2.JPG

Dedicated TV Stand

SU-30HX1 TV Stand User Manual