Dreamcast:Controller Fuse Replacement

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This tutorial goes over how to replace the F1 fuse for the controller ports on a Dreamcast. The fuse can be blown by unplugging a controller while the console is powered on, so this mod replaces the stock fuse with a fuse that will reset itself after a couple minutes should it be blown again.


The following materials are required for this mod:

  • Replacement fuse. This tutorial will be using this one
  • Soldering iron, solder, and flux
  • Desoldering equipment, such as a desoldering gun, desolder pump, or wick


  1. Remove the top cover of the Dreamcast. IFixIt has a helpful guide here with pictures on how to remove the top cover if needed.
  2. Once the top cover is off remove the 4 Philips screws holding the board into place.

Dc controller port remove.jpg

  1. Gently remove the controller cable as well as unplug the fan so that the board can be removed from the case.

Dc controller port board.jpg

  1. This is the fuse we will be replacing. Turn the board over and desolder the two legs of the fuse, as shown here:

Dc fuse desolder.jpg

Dc fuse slot.jpg

  1. Insert the replacement fuse and solder it into place. Enjoy! While you already have the controller board removed, now would be a good time to replace the battery as well (as pictured to the right of the fuse below)

Dc fuse done.jpg