Dreamcast:Removing 12v Regulator

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This tutorial goes over how to remove the 12V 7812 regulator on the power supply. This is only recommended whenever using an ODE such as the GDEMU or MODE, as these do not use the 12V rail. As a result, the 7812 will produce more heat without a load and could cause overheating issues.


The following materials are required for this mod:

  • Desoldering equipment, such as a desoldering gun, desolder pump, or wick
  • Philips screwdriver


  1. Undo the four screws holding together the Dreamcast and remove the top shell. iFixIt has a helpful guide here with pictures on how to remove the top cover if needed.
  2. Once the top cover is off, remove the two Philips screws holding the power supply into place, and take note where the regulator is (as shown below):

Dc psu removal.jpg

Dc 12v.jpg

  1. Flip the power supply over and desolder the 3 legs of the regulator.

Dc 12v desolder.jpg

  1. Flip the power supply back over and unscrew the Philips screw holding the regulator in place, and then pull it out. Make sure to keep the regulator in a safe place in case you decide to reinstall the GD-ROM drive.

Dc 12v done.jpg