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Exclamation-triangle-fill.svgWarning: JIS IS NOT PHILLIPS! A Phillips driver will work on JIS screws but be cautious of applying too much force as this will result in stripped screws.

Driver Bits

The same driver bits are used across the Game Boy Line. The original Game Boy DMG-001, Game Boy Pocket MGB-001, Game Boy Light MGB-101, and Game Boy Color CGB-001

List of Bits
Graphic Type Size Use
Bit tripoint.svg Tri-Point Y0 Outer Shell Screws
Bit JIS.svg JIS J0 Internal Screws
Bit gamebit.svg Gamebit/Bristol 3.8mm Cartridge
Exclamation-circle-fill.svgPhillips screwdrivers of an equivalent size can be used on JIS screws, be aware too much force will strip the screws

Recommended Tool Kits

iFixIt Toolkits are recognized as high quality, reliable, and have various kits that will contain all of the bits you will need for almost any repair or mod on all members of the Game Boy family.