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5 June 2024

12 June 2022

  • curprev 20:1220:12, 12 June 2022Derf talk contribs 2,867 bytes −5 No edit summary
  • curprev 14:2514:25, 12 June 2022Gardenofeloquence talk contribs 2,872 bytes +2,872 Created page with " === Original/Phat PS2s === If the PS2 doesn't turn on (no LEDs/no fan sound/nothing), then there is almost certainly a problem somewhere between the power cord, power switch, and power supply board, which should output 12V to the main board. Given the age of the PS2, the most likely issue is failing electronic capacitors, but we shall see. By the standards of switching power supplies, the unit in PS2 is simple and doesn't have many components. The original/phat PS2s f..."