PS2:SATA Board for LAN Adapter

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Like most official console accessories, the original PS2 Network Adapter no doubtly cost a fortune when new for relatively little value (furthered by the requirement of a first-party HDD if one was to be used for official purposes).

As demand built (mostly thanks to HDD backup loaders), third party clones popped on the market: one in particular, the GameStar, was especially designed to be compatible with the open source homebrew drivers and therefore got a fair reputation... until the drivers were demonstrated to offer less than ideal performance, and fixing them broke compatibility with the GameStar!

After compounding the issue of both Sony and GameStar fakes, and the lack of fakes plus usually fair price of an original North American Network Adapter (with modem) - often beating European prices even after shipping -, it is a very smart idea to buy one.

But this means an IDE hard drive is required, with currently minor but ever increasing lack of availability concerns - and often a price premium for comparable capacities.

The obvious workaround would be a generic IDE/SATA converter, but the lack of space in the expansion bay would then prevent the use of 3.5 inch disks, with consequent mechanical fitting problems.

Fortunately, as the IDE power and data connectors are on dedicated PCBs each, enterprising third parties have developed replacements with a built-in converter!

Primarily sold by and, these PCBs have been dropped by these stores, but are still readily available on eBay and AliExpress. Their installation is fully solderless.

Installation guide

Exclamation-circle-fill.svgRemember to ensure the console is fully off (by unplugging it or using the mechanical switch on the back) before inserting or removing a Network Adapter, as the fine pitch connector is prone to accidental short circuits that can lead to damage to internal SMD fuses.

PS2 SATA converter.png

Of course, you will still need to do the following:

  1. Ensure sufficient mechanical stability
  2. Properly format the disk!