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PSN Liberator is tool to converts your purchased PSN-content into disc (ISO or folder) format. This works with activated PS3 games (even with activated DLC installed), PSX/PS2/PSP games, themes, and avatars. By converting these into disc format, you can use a backup manager to manage the content.


  • Not all games will work.
  • Some games will generate an Unlock.pkg. Not all games will require it, so test without it first.
  • Do not update your game in any way after installing the new PKG/ISO, unless you use the PS3 GAME UPDATER tool by Rudi Rastelli.

Creating your Backup

  1. Start PSN Liberator set it up for first use. It's suggested to use the "PSN CONTENT" folder as the program directory.
  2. Using PS3:Transferring Files with FTP, copy the desired game's folder from /dev_hdd0/game/ to the directory named ...\PSN CONTENT\LOCKED\PSN GAMES\.
  3. Browse to /dev_hdd0/home/0000000x/exdata/ and search for the following. Note that some games only have one type of file, and not the other. The "0000000x" part of the file path is your profile ID; you may need to guess or check through all of them if you have multiple profiles on your console.
    • All .RIF files with the GameID in its name, and copy them to ...\PSN CONTENT\RIFsRAPs\.
    • An .EDAT file with the GameID in its name and copy it to ...\PSN CONTENT\UNLOCKS\.
  4. In PSN Liberator's main menu, set:
    • "PSN Game Folder" = "...\PSN CONTENT\LOCKED\PSN GAMES\<GameID>\"
    • "PSN Game Unlock File" = "...\PSN CONTENT\UNLOCKS\<GameID>.edat" (if you've found an .edat for your game)
  5. Choose an option:
    • "GAME FOLDER" -> Creates a liberated folder for direct installation to /dev_hdd0/game/ (like a PSN game).
    • "PKG" -> Creates a liberated PKG file.
    • "DISC FOLDER" -> Creates a liberated folder format game for placing in /dev_hdd0/GAMES/.
    • "ISO" -> Creates a liberated ISO format game for placing in /dev_hdd0/PS3ISO/,

Creating a "Bubble" ISO

You can make an ISO which contains multiple installable PKGs to choose from. Drag and drop your desired PKGs into the program window, and select the DISC FOLDER or ISO option.