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Below are guides to managing PSX (PS1) game saves. You can extract a PSX save from your PS3, modify it, change the save region, and inject it (or a new save) back into the file system.

Extracting/Injecting a Save

  1. Open up an FTP program and transfer the <name>.VM1 file from /dev_hdd0/savedata/vmc/ to your computer.
  2. Rename your .VM1 file to ".mc".
  3. Open PSXGameEdit, select OK to the warning message prompt, select File → Open MemCard Image and choose your memory card. Your saves should be displayed.
    • To extract a game save, select the radio button next to an individual game save, then File → Save Single Game Save. Save it in the location of your choice and in any format desired.
    • To inject a game save, select File → Open Single Game Save and choose the desired save.
  • When you are finished, FTP the modified file back into /dev_hdd0/savedata/vmc.

Changing Save Region

If your game has the same exact save structure between two different regions, you can convert your save to a different region. The three regions are NTSC (North America), PAL (Europe), and NTSC-J (Japan).

  1. With your memory card open in PSXGameEdit, select the radio button next to your desired game save.
  2. Select File → Open MemCard and choose the radio button next to your extracted save.
  3. Select Convert in the toolbar and choose your desired region. Select Yes to confirm.
  4. Save your memory card to commit the changes.