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Most homebrew and emulators require license activation in order to work. Since this license can't happen naturally on PSN, ReActPSN will generate a "free" or "demo" license for you without requiring Internet access. The following process will activate most applications.

Basic Activation

  1. Install the packages that you wish to activate.
  2. If you have ran ReActPSN before, delete the ReActPSN profile from the left-most column by logging into it and pressing triangle on it.
  3. If your homebrew came with a .rap file, ensure that it is named .rap and not .RAP, then place it on a USB device in a folder called "exdata".
  4. Make sure ReActPSN is updated to the current firmware release.
  5. Plug your USB device into the right-most USB port on your PS3.
  6. Scroll all the way to the left of the XMB and create new user named aa.
  7. From your main profile, press X on the ReActPSN icon.
  8. The console will black screen and reboot.
  9. The aa profile should have been renamed automatically.

Activating Time Trial (C00) Demos

  1. Install the time trial, or C00, demos that you wish to activate.
  2. On the XMB, hover over ReActPSN.
  3. Press Cross and then immediately hold Circle. Keep holding until you are back at the XMB. It will take approximately 10 seconds.

The complete list of functions that ReActPSN can perform are found here.