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Exclamation-circle-fill.svgPlease message the moderators if any information is incorrect, or if there is any other developers deserving of recognition

This page serves as credits for the scene for any major releases and progress. This list is not a complete listing of works by the authors. If you enjoy any scene devs' work, please consider donating to them to show your appreciation. Thank you all for making this scene great!

Scene Credits

fail0verflow for their commitment to the hacking scene on both the PS3 and PS4 hacking scenes, restoring Linux on the PS3, and finding the original flaw in the ECDSA keys in 3.55, thus opening the doors for the scene.

Graf_Chokolo - For reviving OtherOS, deep research, releasing lv2ldr keys, and putting up a great fight against Sony.

Joonie - For all your work on Rebug CFW, tutorials, troubleshooting, work on Cobra ODE, and everything else.

DeanK - For Multiman, prepNTFS, contributing to Cobra on CFW, and countless other projects.

Smhabib - For all your work on both Habib and Rebug CFW, and contributing to Cobra on CFW.

Aldo Vargas - For all the wonderful tools included in AldosTools (PS3Tools), IrisMan, and contributing to Cobra on CFW, and managing Brewology.

Glevand - For OtherOS++, and work on the QA Flag toggle.

Mathieulh - For the metldr exploit and dumper technical writeups; leading development on PSGroove; obtaining the appldr, lv2ldr, masterdisc, update decryption, and system debugger keys; releasing game package extractor/decrypter and their source code; the communication processor exploit, and finding the QA flag token and button combo.

KaKaRoTo - For making the first free CFW, contributing to MFW Builder, Ps3Xport, PSfreedom, and a few homebrew games.

MiraLaTijera (aka MLT or Hermes) - For no-BD patches, MLT CFW, and Hermes manager.

RaxorX - For contributing to MFW Builder, Eboot and PKG resigner, Cinavia Protection remover, and his CFW.

Rogero - For releasing the first downgrader firmware, Rogero CFW, and Rogero Manager.

GeoHot - For his research and legal fight against Sony.

Flatz - For IDPSstealer, game save tools, and fat console hard drive encryption keys.

Zecoxao - For the XDR-DRAM exploit and many other contributions to the PS3 and PS4 scene.

Twinaphex (and Themaister) - For letting nostalgia back into our lives with Retroarch.

Playerkp420 - For his downgrade service, CFW brand, and help on forums.

CaptainCPS-X - For PS2 Classics Manager and CEX2DEX.

Arch - For the Arch CFW and spoofer.

Alexander - For Ferrox CFW.

Kmeaw - For Kmeaw CFW and tools.

Estwald - For Iris Manager.

Red-EyeX32 - For game save editors and the .trp trophy extractor.

ErMaK86 - For making a Greek translated XMB, XMBlock, and ErMaK86 CFW.

Evilnat - For SEN Enabler and various other homebrew apps, and Evilnat CFW.

CJPC - For the first homebrew app (PS3 FTP Server).

Rudi Rastelli - For the PKG making app, PS3 PKG Ripper.

CodeMonkeys - For contributing to MFW Builder.

Robo Hobo - For porting DosBox, and a few other emulators.

Samson - For porting Quake, WinDos, and a few other homebrew games.

ThatOtherPerson - For making many homebrew games.

Lantus - For porting the Final Burn Alpha emulator.

Nzv - For contributing to Cobra on CFW.

Mysis - For contributing to Cobra on CFW, in-depth PSP emulation research, and CFW Settings.

STLcardsWS - For managing the PSX-Place front page, work on PSX-Scene, helping on forums, making some developer contributions, and helping maintain Brewology.

GregoryRasputin - For running PS3Hax,, and

Macrovision3500 - For discovering how to break Cinavia protection.

KW - For keeping us safer online with PSNpatch, and contributing to Cobra on CFW.

Bitsbubba - For the No-PSN app series.

Darkautism - For PS3TrophyIsGood.

OsirisX - For the universal controller driver.

BaileysCream - For his Ultimate Foolproof Downgrade Guide.

TizzyT - For his Coldboot creating tools.

SBCroix - For PS3 Theme Builder.

The Rebug Team - Joonie, Cyberskunk, evilsperm, and Abkarino for your dedication to releasing stable CFW, the wonder that is REX, and many additions to Cobra.

Zer0Tolerance, W, Bguerville, esc0rtd3w, habib for releasing PS3Xploit, which enabled all downgradeable consoles to install CFW without the need of a hardware flasher.

Defyboy, Matheiulh, Sandungas, Euss, Roxanne, and other maintainers of the PS3 Developer Wiki.

The team behind PSJailbreak for exploiting the first vulnerabilities.

The teams behind PSgroove and PSfreedom for making the first open-source jailbreak.

The Three Musketeers - EussNL, Naehertwert, and Flatz for releasing Level 0 keys.

RichDevX, N_D_T, and TitanMKD for releasing lv2ldr keys.

The Great Unicorns and Flatz for releasing 3.60+ Loader keys and hard drive keys.

The team behind PS3ITA for your CFW, unbanning tools, and MAMBA.

PSP devs who discovered exploits applicable to PS3.

The teams behind E3, Injectus, ProgSkeet, Teensy, and other flashers which made downgrading possible.

Everyone listed on this page who is not mentioned here.

MangoScango, Derf_Jagged, Shrodes, Playerkp420, Praqq, Spyt3, INFINITE_PARADOX, ApolloUnknown, Hawkline, Droopyoctopus, FallenLeader, SeaSnail, dcs28, OldGoat, X-the-Komujin, Edythator/Reasu, depressive_monk, Dauss, and Storm Eagle for direct or indirect contribution to this Wiki.

... and anyone not listed above who wrote tutorials for the scene, some of which were absorbed and modified in the creation of this wiki.

To all who made an impact on the scene and made everything possible: Thank you!