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Xbox Hard Drive Maker (XboxHDM) is a Linux-based PC utility that allows you to lock/unlock, read, and write to your Xbox hard drive. It's main use is to construct new hard drives for use in a modded Xbox, or to softmod a hard drive via hotswapping. Note that some, if not all, SATA-to-IDE adapters will not work with XboxHDM. It is recommended to connect your drive directly via IDE

Using XboxHDM

  1. On a Windows PC, download and extract XboxHDM 1.9.
  2. Place the desired C: drive files, E: drive files, and EEPROM.bin file (if it's a locked drive) into the "hdm" folder.
  3. In the xboxhdm folder, run "make-iso-win.bat" to generate an ISO called "linux.iso". Burn this to a CD or DVD by right clicking the ISO and selecting "Copy Image to CD" or by using software such as ImgBurn. This is your XboxHDM CD.
  4. Turn off your PC, open it up, and ensure that the end connector of your master IDE cable is vacant while still having your CD drive connected.
  5. Boot into your PC's BIOS by starting the computer and repeatedly tapping F1, F2, or Del on your keyboard depending on your computer. You can find the specific button that you need to press on this page. From the BIOS, set the PC to boot to CD first in the boot order. Insert your XboxHDM CD and power your PC off.
  6. Power on your PC. It should boot into XboxHDM.

Using XboxHDM for USB or SATA Drives (Windows)

With the Windows-based XboxHDM (mirror), you can modify hard drives connected via USB or SATA. Place the desired C: drive files, E: drive files, and EEPROM.bin file (if it's a locked drive) into the "hdm" folder and run "Xboxhd.bat". By default, the C: drive will be empty and will need a dashboard placed into it in order for the Xbox to boot the hard drive properly.

Alternatively, you can use Rocky's XBHDM and just use the respective C: and E: folders from inside the Linux folder.

Hotswapping with XboxHDM

Full instructions for how to hotswap with XboxHDM can be found here.


  • XboxHDM won't boot up all the way using a SATA drive (or it says your drive is "Frozen")
    • Some (if not all) SATA drive adapters will not work with XboxHDM and you will need to connect it directly with IDE.
    • Also check that your BIOS doesn't have an "auto-scan" option enabled. This may find your drive and "freeze" it, rendering it unusable.
  • You get the message "Error, reboot" after it asks you a yes or no question
    • Try writing out "yes" or "no", not just using "y" and "n".