3DS:Input Redirection

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Required Items

Redirecting Input to a Controller

  1. Power on your 3DS.
  2. Press the following buttons Left Trigger + Down on the D-Pad + Select.
  3. Navigate to "Miscellaneous options..." and press the A button.
  4. Navigate to Start Input Redirection and press the A button. It will show the message "Starting InputRedirection... OK".
  5. Click the B button. It will show the IP Address you will need for later "In Example 192.168.0.x".
  6. On your PC, launch the InputRedirection. It will pop up a screen with several options.
  7. Type in the IP address from the 3DS screen.
  8. Click on the blank screen and start using the controller you have hooked up.
  9. If the buttons are not mapped the way you want them to go into the "Settings" page.
  10. Change the Buttons to the ones you want them to be mapped to.