3DS:New 3DS XL USB-C Charging Port Mod

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This tutorial goes over how to add a USB-C breakout board to a New 3DS XL, allowing the battery to be charged over USB-C. This mod does not go over replacing the stock 3DS charging port as instead an additional charging port is being added, allowing both ports to be used individually.


The following materials are required for this mod:

  • USB-C Breakout board. Any should work as long as it breaks out VBUS and GND. This tutorial will be using Sparkfun's USB-C breakout board
  • Soldering iron, solder, and flux
  • Dremel
  • Flush/micro cutter, or something small that will cut through plastic
  • Stranded wire. This tutorial uses 28 AWG
  • File set (optional)


  1. Disassemble the 3DS far enough to remove the motherboard that houses the 3DS charging port. IFixIt has a helpful guide here with pictures on how to do so if needed.
  2. Once that is done a hole needs to be cut in the plastic housing for the 3DS so that the USB-C port will fit through it. The easiest spot to add the port is next to the ZR button but some of the plastic next to where the stylus slides in will also need to be cut so that the board can sit flat. If the hole is too close to the ZR button the board will overlap the membrane under the button itself not allowing it to be pressed, so make sure the right side of the board does not overlap there before getting ready to cut.
  3. Take a small dremel and cut out a hole for the USB-C port.

Usbc port cut.jpg

  1. Now take the flush cutters and trim down the plastic above and to the right of the stylus. Once both of those are done set the breakout port next to the ZR button to check the placement before getting ready to install the mod. This is what it should look like, before and after:

Usbc breakout board precut.jpg

Usbc breakout board preinstall.jpg


  1. Turn the 3DS motherboard over so that you can see the solder joints for the charging port. Add a wire to both of the circled joints. For this tutorial a red wire was used for the far left point and a black wire for the other, and they will be referred to as their respective colors from here on out.

3ds port pre solder.jpg

3ds port post solder.jpg

  1. Solder the red wire to VBUS on the breakout board
  2. Solder the black wire to GND on the breakout board

Usbc breakout board complete.jpg

  1. Reassemble the 3DS motherboard, being cautious to route both cables under the motherboard instead of over before screwing it into place. This will allow less of a bulge on the housing whenever it's put back together.

3ds port mod assembled.jpg

  1. Fully reassemble the rest of the housing by putting the breakout board into the other part of the case and you're done. Enjoy USB-C charging!

3ds usbc mod complete.jpg