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Rehid is a homebrew application that allows remapping of buttons on your 3DS. This is useful in case a button on your 3DS is broken. In example if your home button was broken you could map it to L+R and that would be your home button.

Required Items

Re-configuring Buttons

  1. Copy Rehidhelper.3dsx to the 3DS folder on your SD Card.
  2. On the 3DS make sure to launch the Homebrew Launcher.
  3. Scroll down until you see Rehid Helper, click on it, and wait for it to load.
  4. Click A on Download Rehid.
  5. On the Downloaded page Click B and reboot your 3DS.
  6. Go to this website to remap the buttons.
  7. Click on the buttons you want to use for the remapped button. .
    • In Example click on L and R in the "When I press..." section.
    • Then on the "I want to swap to..." Section choose the button you want it to be remapped to..
  8. Scroll till you see Show as QR Code click on it.
  9. Power on your 3DS and launch Rehid Helper again.
  10. Click A on Scan QR code.
  11. Scan the QR Code on the PC/Phone screen.
  12. Enjoy the button remapping or buttons that were once broken again.