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RetroTINK-2X Family

2X Upscalers

The RetroTINK-2X line of products are zero-lag, 480p HDMI line doublers for retro game consoles. Here's the different models available:

RetroTINK-2X Mini: An entry-level scaler;  supporting composite and S-Video inputs.

RetroTINK-2X Pro: An updated version of the original 2X with more features, including scanlines.

RetroTINK-2X SCART: A simple RGB SCART line doubler that outputs 480p HDMI:

Discontinued RetroTINK-2X Multiformat. No longer supported by RetroTINK LLC / Mike Chi. Unsupported Firmware upgrades can be found here: 2X Multiformat Firmware Wiki

The RetroTINK-2X Multiformat 1.0 Manual can be downloaded Here.

Discontinued Original RetroTINK-2X

2X Video Product Launches / Reviews

Reviews and Video Explanations of the RetroTINK 2X products:

RetroTINK-2X Mini

RetroTINK-5X Launch Video

RetroTINK-5X 2.0 Firmware Launch


RetroTINK-2X Classic (discontinued)

RetroTINK-2X Classic 3d Printed Case


The RetroTINK-2X (discontinued) is barebone and the look doesn't appeal to everyone. A custom case for the RetroTINK-2X Classic has been created as an alternative by Laser Bear Industries.

Download the 3D-Printable Files Here:


As an FYI, all of Greg's designs can be purchased from his web store here:  

The RetroTINK-2X Case consists of a few 3d Printed parts:

RetroTINK Bottom V1.4.stl
RetroTINK Top V1.4.stl
RetroTINK Buttom.stl (print two of these)

You will also need some extra items to complete the setup.

The only part that might be a little bit difficult is installing the light pipes, which you can use a pair of pliers and push the filament through the led holes and use flush cutters to get it to set flat with the rest of the case. Then, you can use a hot air rework gun to get the clear filament to be clear on the ends that were cut.

The case will assemble with the original 3mm nuts from the RetroTINK-2X Classic plexy case and the 3mm screws you obtained. The RetroTINK-2X Classic board will just go inside before you screw it all together.

Click here to check out some more free 3D printed design files.

fix this link once 3d printed designs are integrated

Rad 2x Cables


The "Retro Analog to Digital 2x" cables, aka the "RAD2x" are retro HDMI cables supporting most consoles before the Xbox, PS3 and Wii. They are zero lag devices that process the unique "240p" signals of classic consoles properly. They include a switchable filter that smooths out the graphics, which can improve the look for early 3D games and for softening 480i games.

Main RAD2x Sale Page:  https://www.retrogamingcables.co.uk/RAD2X-CABLES

Rad 2x Cable Videos

Videos that detail each version of the RAD2x:

Intro To RAD2x

Intro To Nintendo Rad2x

RAD2x PlayStation

RAD2x: Genesis 2

RAD2x + mClassic Sega Saturn

Firmware Updates

RetroTINK products evolve after their release, and if you'd like the newest features and bugfixes you'll need to keep the firmware up-to-date. Also, visit the Discord Server and check the experimental channel for latest firmware. Below are videos to show the update process on multiple OS's:

Windows Firmware Update

Mac / Linux Firmware Update

Lag Testing

Every RetroTINK is a zero (or near zero) lag device, which have been proven using measurement methods across different devices.  Detailed information and examples can be found here but for quick visual proof, check out the photo below:


3D Printed Cases