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Video displays

Term Definition
CVM Color Video Monitor. Sony's original branding for TV-derived PVMs from the early 1980s with composite and RF only.
BVM Broadcast Video Monitor. Sony models starting with "BVM-". Originally used for monitoring the master signal at broadcast studios when live on air to ensure perfect quality. These sets generally use the same tubes as equivalent PVMs, but have removeable input boards. All units come in light gray.
PVM Professional Video Monitor. Sometimes used generically to mean any professional monitor, but usually used to refer to Sony models starting with "PVM-". Originally used for professional image and video editing. They do not have removable input boards. Comes as a standard light gray color or a white color for medical variants. A very small amount of presentation PVMs (such as a PVM-2030) come in a beige color.
SSM Security and Surveillance Monitor. Sony's line of monitors aimed to be used for security cameras. Generally the same internals as PVMs but with a dark gray shell.
GVM Graphical Video Monitor. Intended for 15kHz PCs.
TV Consumer black and white CRT television with an analog tuner.
KV Consumer color CRT television with an analog tuner. From the above "TV" + カラー (color, pronounced "karaa").
CKV Commercial CRT television.
KTX Videotex Workstation/Terminal.
KX CRT TV-derived monitor, no tuner.
KD CRT television with digital tuner. Nowadays includes LCDs and OLEDs too after years of being segregated into KDL.
KW Widescreen CRT television.
FD "Flat Display" Watchman TV.
FDM "Flat Display Monitor" WatchCam (tunerless Watchman).
VIS WatchCam-based industrial monitor, extremely common in flat CRT video doorbells. Outsourced to Tosho 2007-2011.
KPR CRT rear projection television.
KP CRT rear projection (or, rarely, front projection) television.
KDP CRT rear projection television with digital tuner.
KWP Widescreen CRT rear projection television.
VPH CRT projector.
RPH CRT rear-projection monitor.
PHM HDVS Picture/Viewing Monitor.
HDM HDVS Master Monitor.
PGM PC monitor designed for medical purposes.
HMD Home Media Display.
CPD Color Professional Display.
GDM Graphical Display Monitor.
DDM Data Display Monitor. Square 1:1 aspect ratio monitors used by air traffic controllers.
SRM ???. 4K-capable LCD monitors.

Video recording

Term Definition
AV, NV, TCV Reel to reel VTR.
VP U-Matic.
VO Industrial ("Office") U-Matic.
LV TV/Betamax combo.
SL Betamax.
SLO Industrial/professional ("Office") Betamax.
BMC BetaMovie Camera.
EDV ED Beta.
CCD 8mm/Hi8 Handycam, which also marked the debut of CCD sensors on Sony products.
EV 8mm/Hi8 home equipment.
DCR Digital CameRa (miniDV/microMV).
MDP Laserdisc player (as seen on TV remotes!)
DVP CD-Video and DVD players.
VRD Standalone DVD recorder.
RDR Independent HDD-based DVR.
BDP Blu-Ray player.

Input Cards

Card Meaning
BKM-##CP Digital Serial Data Interface (SDI) and Serial Data Transport Interface (SDTI-CP) decoder board with input/output.
BKM-##D Digital Serial Data Interface (SDI) decoder board with composite or RGB/YPbPr input/output. Some units also double as a NTSC/PAL decoder.
BKM-##DV DV signal input/output board.
BKM-##HS HD-SDI decoder board with input/output. Required for optional HD-SDI input boards to work.
BKM-##HD HD-SDI decoder board with input/output. Required for optional HD-SDI input boards to work.
BKM-##M PAL-M decoder board with RGB/YPbPr and composite input/output.
BKM-##N NTSC decoder board with RGB/YPbPr and composite input/output.
BKM-##P PAL decoder board with RGB/YPbPr and composite input/output.
BKM-##R Controller unit.
BKM-##T Tri-standard (PAL, NTSC, SECAM) decoder board with RGB/YPbPr and composite input/output.
BKM-##W Analog composite input/output board.
BKM-##X Expansion analog RGB/YPbPr, s-video, and composite input/output board. Sometimes also has SDI. Requires a decoder board in another slot to function.
BKM-##WX Expansion analog RGB/YPbPr, s-video, and composite input/output board for LCD monitors.


PS1 and PS2

General pattern (exceptions apply):

  • S (Sony)
  • C (Computer = Sony Computer Entertainment = 1st/2nd party) or L (Licensed = 3rd party)
  • P (PlayStation = domestic market = Japan/Asia), U (USA), E (Europe)
  • S (Software) or H (Hardware)
Term Definition
SCPH Consoles and accessories.
SLPH Accessories.
DESR PSX and dedicated accessories.
SCPS, SLPS Japanese games.
SCUS, SLUS American games.
SCES, SLES European games.
SCKA, SLKA Korean games.
PBPX, PAPX Special releases: demos, utility discs, promotional content and releases, etc.
SCED European demos (separate category not used in other regions?)
PSXC Utility disc for PSX.
SRPM Japanese special audiovisual production for PS2 (just the one).
SLBB Digitally released, emulated PS1 game (just the one and it was a demo, but it made history for a different reason).
LDTL Linux Development TooL? (box set; actual discs are PBPX).
DTL Development TooL (developer hardware in general).


Term Definition
PSP Consoles (4 digits) and accessories (3 digits).
UCJS, ULJS Japanese disc games.
UCUS, ULUS American disc games.
UCES, ULES European disc games.
UCKS, ULKS Korean disc games.
UCAS, ULAS Asian disc games.
NP?? Digital content.
NPIA Applications from Sony (e.g. Playstation Store).
DTP-T "Tool" development unit (tower).
DTP-H "Test" game debug unit (tower).
DTP-L "AV Tool" UMD movie debug unit (tower).


Term Definition
CECH Retail consoles and accessories.
BCJS, BLJS Japanese disc games.
BCUS, BLUS American disc games.
BCES, BLES European disc games.
BCKS, BLKS Korean disc games.
BCAS, BLAS Asian disc games.
NP?? Digital content.
NPXS System reserved software.
NPIA Applications from Sony (e.g. Playstation Store).
NPWR Trophies.
DECH Debug consoles (for game testing).
DECH-S Debug consoles (for BD movie testing).
DECR Development consoles and their accessories.
CEB, CBEH, DEH Prototype hardware.

PS Vita

Term Definition
PCH Retail handheld consoles and accessories. (Special editions have 5 digits instead of 4)
VTE PS Vita TV/Playstation TV.
NPXS System reserved software.
NPWR Trophies.
PCSG, PCSC Japanese cartridge or digital content.
PCSH, PCSD Asian cartridge or digital content.
PCSA, PCSE North American cartridge or digital content.
PCSF, PCSB European cartridge or digital content.
PTEL Testkit for game debugging.
PDEL Development consoles.
CEM, DEM Prototype hardware.


Term Definition
CUH Retail consoles and accessories.
CUSA Digital and disc games. (all regions except some Asian discs)
PCJS, PLJM, PLJS Japanese disc games.
PLKS, PCKS Korean disc games.
PCAS, PLAS Asian disc games.
NPXS System Reserved software.
NPWR Trophies.
DVKT-P, DVKT-K, DVKT-B Prototype hardware.
JDX Prototype Dualshock 4.


Development consoles.
CAP Non-retail accessories.
DUT-T, DUH-T Testkit console for game debugging.


Term Definition
HB Hit Bit (MSX).
NWS NEWS (Unix workstation).
PCV VAIO Desktop PC.
PCG VAIO Laptop PC. (Hardware model: marketing model uses different and much more varied prefixes.)
SMC Sony Micro Computer