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General Information

Technical Information

  • Model Differences
  • Connector Pinouts
  • Region Information
  • PlayStation Mobile (PSM) Games
  • PlayStation Mobile (PS1) Games

Video Mods

  • Video Output Notes

General Mods


Repair Guides


Replacement Parts

  • Replacement Shell
  • Replacement Screen
  • Replacement Battery


  • Repair Tools


Essential Homebrew

Debug Tools

PC Tools

  • RemoteJoyLite Streaming Plugin
  • MoonShell




Other Tutorials

  • Updating your Firmware (OFW)
  • Recovery Menu
  • Upgrading your Storage
  • Transferring Files with FTP
  • Blocking OFW Updates
  • Booting Linux
  • Creating Custom Themes
  • Creating Custom Boot Animations
  • Ripping PSP Game Backups
  • Ripping PSN Game Backups
  • Overclocking
  • Using PSP as a PC Controller
  • Transferring Game Saves
  • Translated Games
  • Transferring Saves
  • Swapping X/O Buttons