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Browse, download, and install Mods for PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360.

The elegant, powerful, and open-source mod manager. Arisen Studio allows you to easily browse through a regularly updated database of mods, game saves, homebrew, resources, themes, and much more for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. All mods have been tested and verified in the library, which is populated by OhhSoDead, friends, and awesome contributors. Arisen Studio can also be used as an FTP client to automatically install and uninstall mods directly from your computer. Without the need to search up old posts or use file managers - this will do everything for you. The only one of its kind!

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Comments, ideas, suggestions? You can contact the developers in the Arisen Studio Discord!

Main Features

  • Fast, lightweight and easy to use
  • Beautiful and simple design layout
  • Browse a large database of PS3 and Xbox 360 mods
  • Complete with details, creator, version, etc.
  • Filter by console type, mod type and region
  • Download the mods to your computer
  • Install and uninstall mods directly to your console
  • Manage your downloads and installed mods
  • File manager with local and console listings
  • Discord rich presence to show game playing

PlayStation 3

  • Automatically detect and remember game regions
  • Backup and restore original game files
  • Download official game updates
  • Browse/mount/unmount games
  • Package file manager
  • Console manager (IDPS/PSID, LEDs, etc.)
  • Edit and backup/restore boot_plugins.txt file
  • webMAN commands (Reboot, Show Version, etc.)

Xbox 360

  • Launch games using the XEX file
  • Resign game saves to profiles
  • Load/unload modules without rebooting
  • Take screenshots of your screen
  • Spoof XUID for all Call of Duty games
  • Console manager (LEDs, fan speed, etc.)
  • Edit and backup/restore launch.ini file
  • XBDM commands (Reboot, Shutdown, etc.)


  • An Internet Connection on your PC & Console (optional)
  • NET Framework 4.8 (Download the official here)
  • PlayStation 3 (with webMAN, multiMAN or Rebug Toolbox) OR
  • Xbox 360 RGH/JTAG (with DashLaunch & Xbdm.xex as Plugin #1)



Download and run the latest version of the Windows installer, "ArisenStudio.Installer.Windows.exe" from the releases page.

Bug Reports

Arisen Studio isn't perfect. If you encounter any issues, you are encouraged to submit bug reports through the issue tracker. Please make your reports as detailed as possible. Be sure to include any exception messages you get (if any), and give steps showing how we can reproduce the behavior you encountered.


You're also welcome to submit any pull requests with fixes and suggestions, like additional features for making this project even more great. Please open an issue so we can discuss things before going further, maybe we can work on this together!

If you like Arisen Studio, consider a small donation to help pay for server costs.


For the localization process we use the collaborative platform from Crowdin, thanks to their generosity for providing a professional service to Open Source projects free of charge. Please read the introduction for new translators and guide for using the online editor to understand how it works.

If you are already familiar with the Crowdin platform and want to contribute your time to translating a few strings, just head to the Crowdin project to get started.

Requesting Mods

Not all mods are in the Arisen database, but if you open an issue with the details, it can be added

Credits & Libraries

  • Appropriate Creators of all Mods
  • AutoUpdater.NET
  • CodeHollow.FeedReader
  • Crowdin
  • DevExpress
  • Discord RPC
  • Flaticon
  • FluentFTP
  • HtmlAgilityPack
  • Humanizer
  • Icons8
  • Imgur.API
  • INI File Parser
  • Newtonsoft.Json
  • NLog
  • PS3Lib
  • XDevki


  • crystall1nedev
  • EgoMaw
  • goldug
  • NCKwolf
  • oSerenity
  • TheHiddenHour
  • tsuiarts
  • Translators
  • goldug
  • Serdar Sağlam
  • Kloido


This project is released under the GNU General Public License v3.

Source Code

Official Site