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Some page content & researching collaboratively taken from's Atari 5200 page with permission.

There are two 5200 models.


Models are arranged chronologically.

4-port model (1982-1983)

This version of the 5200 has four controller ports as its primary identifying feature and was the initial version of the console released in 1982. However, its major downside is that the console uses a single cable for combined audio, video and power; and requires an unusual switchbox. Thus, a large element of unreliability and risk comes along with this version because a broken switchbox means no power and no video output for a 5200 without an easy replacement. These can be modified to bypass the switchbox by adding a power jack and removing certain components from the main board.

Most 4-port models also have smooth, smoked plastic controller storage lids and front bezels, which are easily scratched and attract dust. These were replaced at some point in 1983 with textured matte pieces. The CX55 2600 adapter is also not compatible with most 4-port models without modification, as the 4-port's cartridge port is not properly wired to pass through the composite video and audio from the CX55 and unregulated DC voltage to the adapter.

2-port model (1983-1984)

Despite removing two controller ports, this version is widely considered to be the superior model of the two, as it has a built-in power jack and does not rely on an external switchbox for power. Due to this, one can use any standard RF switchbox or a 75 ohm to F-type connector to connect the 5200 directly to a TV. All 2-port models support the CX55 adapter, but the 2-port does have some minor game compatibility issues due to possessing a different BIOS from the 4-port model. The BIOS chip can be swapped with one from a 4-port or a 2716 EPROM burned with the 4-port BIOS.


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