Atari 5200:Obtaining BIOS ROM

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Atari 5200 emulators generally require a legally-obtained BIOS file to run. This can be obtained by dumping the BIOS chip on your Atari 5200 or by purchasing it and copying it from the Atari Vault software on Steam.

(Method 1) Via Atari Vault on Steam

Video of the process.

  1. Download Atari Vault on Steam.
  2. Right-click the Atari Vault game in Steam choose Manage > Bbrowse Local Files.
  3. Navigate to AtariVault_Data > StreamingAssets > FOCAL_Emulator > 5200.
  4. Copy bios.bin.
Exclamation-circle-fill.svgSome emulators require the bios.bin file to be renamed to a specific name to work.