CD-i:CD-i 220 RGB Mod

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As long as your NTSC CDi has the Sony CXA chip, this mod will work.  PAL 220 boards should have the RGB SCART built-in.

Required Materials

You'll need a few tools for this mod:


  1. Start by removing the top cover:  Remove the two torx screws on each side and the top three screws in back:
  2. Next, remove the outer screws that contain the expansion socket.  These screws were one size larger torx than the case screws:
  3. Before you can remove the expansion socket, remove the two screws on top, then pull up from the area by the top screws to release the socket:
  4. You'll find the Sony CXA chip underneath the expansion slot:
  5. Solder R, G, B and CSYNC (please see the note about CSYNC below) directly to the chip, as shown here:
  6. Here's the actual chip diagram, in case you're interested (click for full-sized):
  7. Next, choose a mounting location for your RGB port.  It's recommended to use an 8-pin MiniDIN and mounted it where the RF adapter went, allowing the mod to be 100% reversible, without any cutting at all.
  8. Run all four video lines to the output.  Make sure each line has a 220uF/16v capacitor on the end, as well as a 75ohm resistor on each line as well.
  9. Find a ground point to solder to your connector.  There's no "special" place to get ground, anywhere will do (just verify with your multimeter).
  10. If your RGB connector routes audio through it, wire that in as well: