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Some page content & researching collaboratively taken from's CD-i page with permission.

Content is very limited in scope and is definitely not accurate! If you know a lot about CD-i and it's models/revisions, we would highly appreciate your contribution.

There are seven CD-i models listed here, but this listing does not cover portable systems, TVs with an integrated CD-i, or any systems that were not meant for the consumer market. Thus, this is in no way a comprehensive list.


Models are arranged chronologically. There are no revisions.

“CD-i 910” (1991-1996?)

The very first commercial CD-i released for the American market. The “910” designator is used in America only, while in other countries, it was released as the 205. A very “basic” model, and often considered to be quite unreliable.

“CD-i 210” (1992?-1996?)

This is apparently a “stripped down” version of the 220, lacking a “chique opening door” on the disc tray. May be the most common of all the CD-i variants worldwide.

“CD-i 220” (1992?-1996?)

This is what the 210 CD-i is based off of, and it includes the “chique opening door”.

“CD-i 450” (1995?-1998?)

At this point in the CD-i’s life, Phillips were shifting gears to the home video games market. Thus, this is the version of the CD-i that has been catered for this purpose. May have lower memory capacity than other models? Sold in the USA as a Magnavox model.

“CD-i 470” (1995?-1998?)

A high end CD-i intended for preexisting hi-fi systems. Although it was marketed as a lower cost version of the system, most all “high end” features are found in this one.

“CD-i 490” (1995?-1998?)

Generally equal to the 470, except the Digital Video feature is included by default. Furthermore, NVRAM is upgraded to 32KB.

“CD-i 740” (1996-1998?)

The last CD-i produced by Phillips, and it is probably the most feature-filled CD-i of them all. Digital Video is included by default, alongside an RS232 port and much more.