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Manufacturer Sony
Type Professional
Size 13”
Dimensions Width: 346mm

Depth: 412mm

Height: 340mm
Weight 36.4lb, 16.5kg
TV Lines 450
Dot Pitch Unknown
Firmware Unknown
Regions NTSC
240p/480i Yes
480p No
720p No
1080i No
Vsync 50/60hz
Widescreen No
Composite 2x (Line A/B)
S-Video 1x
Component 1x RGB
Operation Manual PVM-1342Q Operation Manual
Service Manual PVM-1342Q Service Manual

The Sony PVM-1341 is an NTSC only Professional Video Monitor that has multiple inputs and outputs.


  • Sony A34JHS12X 450TVL tube
  • 4x audio in (2x for composite, 1x for s-video or Y/C, and 1x for VTR)
  • 2x audio out (composite)
  • 1x analog RGB in and 1x RGB analog out (BNC)
  • 1x Digital RGB in (CGA, TGA, EGA, Platronics, etc that are used on computers)
  • 1x VTR in
  • No OSD

Mods that can be done:

  • Enabling audio in for RGB (Composite 1 audio in) by removing pin 4 on the cable that's in front of the port
  • Potentiometers for video geometry and color adjustments.


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