Dreamcast:Applying ROM Patches

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Universal Dreamcast Patcher and Universal Dreamcast Patch Builder can be used to to apply/create distributable translation patches (or other forms of ROM-hacks).

For patching, multiple formats for disc image input are supported, including TOSEC-style GDI and Redump-formatted BIN/CUE. Presently, there is no CDI support. It utilizes its own patch format, named DCP.

Patching games

  1. Download Universal Dreamcast Patcher
  2. Launch "Universal Dreamcast Patcher.exe"
  3. Click "Select GDI or CUE" to choose your source image that you want to patch
  4. Click "Select Patch" to choose your DCP patch file
  5. Click "Apply Patch" to start the patching process. Once it's done the patched file will be located in the Universal Dreamcast Patcher folder.

Creating patches

If you have two source images of a game where one is unpatched and the other is patched, you can use Universal Dreamcast Patcher to create a DCP patch file based on the changes between both images. It can also apply certain patches to the IP.BIN file in the image such as enabling VGA mode, region-free, and changing the game label.

  1. Download Universal Dreamcast Patcher
  2. Launch "Universal Dreamcast Patch Builder.exe"
  3. Click "Select Unpatched GDI" to choose your unpatched source image
  4. Click "Select Patched GDI" to choose your patched source image
  5. Type in a name for the generated DCP patch file next to "Patch filename"
  6. (Optional) Check the box for any IP.BIN patches you wish to set
  7. Click "Build Patch"