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This page serves as a beginners guide to Phantasy Star Online. If you are looking for information on how to connect to PSO, see the Dreamcast:Phantasy Star Online Connection Guide.

Basic Controls and Battling

Exclamation-circle-fill.svgThis section is woefully incomplete and needs to be expanded! -Old Kid

Hopefully before going online you have taken a session or two or so to familiarize yourself with the basic mechanics of the game. If you've made it down to the planet and are attacking enemies, you probably have some questions. Have a look at this touched-up scan of the controls page from the PSOV2 US Manual:


Targeting and Attacking

Targeting enemies is admittedly a little wonky in the Dreamcast PSO. Because of the lack of dual analog controls, the game relies heavily on a generous auto-aim and a "re-centering mechanic" that requires the player to pull the (L) Trigger frequently to line up their attacks.

Getting used to the rhythm of lining up, attacking, re-pointing to another enemy with (L), attacking, etc. is key to enjoying the game. It is a little awkward, but with a little practice it becomes second nature.

Attacking "Triple" Rhythm Combos Attacking enemies in PSO is fairly straightforward, but there is a rhythm to the attacks that many beginners miss. Regardless of race/class or if you are using a melee or ranged weapons, there is a "triple" pattern baked into the timing of PSO that enables you to inflict the most damage in the shortest amount of time. If you press any combination of strong and weak attacks with the right pause between button presses, you can attack three consecutive times before resting. Practice "Weak - Weak - Strong" or "Strong - Weak - Weak" combinations so that you can utilize the knock-back (pushing the enemy away from you) inflicted by most weapons "strong" attack in your combo.


"How Do I Block?" is a common question for beginners. Blocking in PSO is automatic, and how often your character blocks an attack is directly linked to their "Evade" stat, abbreviated in your character's status screen as "EVP".

Stats, Abbreviations and Terminology

Your character has 6 main stats that effect them throughout the game. While this is by no means comprehensive, it should give you a broad idea on what effects items and weapons have on your character.

ATP - Attack Power

DFP - Defense Power

MST - Mind Strength

ATA - Attack Accuracy

EVP - Evasion Power As described above, the higher your EVP, the higher chance you will block an attack.

LCK - Luck

HP - Hit Points

TP - Technique Points

As described in the XBOX/PAL game manual for PSO EPI&II:

ATP: Attack Power DFP: Defense Power MST: Mental Strength ATA: Attack Accuracy EVP: Evasion Power LCK: Luck EFR: Elemental Resistance to Fire EIC: Elemental Resistance to Ice ETH: Elemental Resistance to Lightning EDK: Elemental Resistance to Dark ELT: Elemental Resistance to Light

Techniques (Magic) Terminology


Foie: A simple fire attack that can hit one enemy.

Barta: A linear ice attack that hits multiple enemies in one line.

Zonde: A simple lightning attack that strikes one enemy from above.


Gifoie: Creates a ring of fire and burns nearby enemies.

Gibarta: Shoots ice projectiles and can freeze enemies at higher levels.

Gizonde: Hits multiple enemies with lightning in a chain reaction.


Rafoie: Makes a huge fire explosion and hits nearby enemies.

Rabarta: Launches ice and freezes enemies.

Razonde: Hits all surrounding enemies with lightning.

Grants: A very powerful light attack that hits one enemy. (rare)

Megid: A powerful dark attack that has a chance of killing in one strike. (rare)


Resta: Completely restores a player's health. You can heal others at higher levels.

Anti: Revives a player of all adverse effects. You can heal others at higher levels.

Reverser: Revives a fallen player. There aren't any different levels for this spell.


Shifta: Boosts a player's attack power. Can help others at higher levels.

Deband: Boosts a player's defense. Can help others at higher levels.

Jellen: Attack weaking technique for enemies.

Zalure: Defense weaking technique for enemies.

Ryuker: Creates a telepipe to the city. There aren't any different levels for this spell.

Game Infrastructure

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