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Comparisons, tips, or other information that someone should know before beginning the mod. Mention model compatibility if the mod is only compatible with certain models. Perhaps, if there is a universally better option, suggest it here and link to the wiki page for it.

Required Materials

  • Tools (T1 screwdriver, Philips screwdriver, soldering iron, etc)
  • Modding products (RGB board, cable adapters, etc)
  • Components (resistors, capacitors, etc)
  • (Optional) Extra things that may make the mod easier or additional pieces you can add onto the mod.


Motherboard Preparation

  1. Disassemble the unit.
  2. Remove things from the motherboard.
  3. Add things to the motherboard.
  4. Bridge these pins.

Mod Installation

Choose an installation method below.

(Option 1) Preserving RF Output

This method is more difficult but preserves RF output.

  1. Mount mod board at this location (picture).
  2. Connect wires from here to here.
  3. Set these jumpers.

(Option 2) Sacrificing RF Output

This method is much easier but removes RF output.

  1. Mount mod board at this location (picture).
  2. Connect wires from here to here.
  3. Set these other jumpers.

Finishing Up

  1. Clean up with isopropyl alcohol and test it.
  2. If testing fails then check X, Y, and Z.
  3. Reassemble the unit.


  • Give usage instructions if necessary.
  • Cover any additional options post-install, such as configuration jumpers or software settings.

Troubleshooting and Tips

  • List specific tips here or common issues people run into.