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This is a mod designed by Greg Collins that adds a custom 3D printed fan mount for the GameCube, which allows you to install a standard 50mm x 10mm PC fan. The mod was created with the intention to use a quieter fan than the original system fan, but it also provides a means to replace failing parts in a system that is almost twenty years old.

Note: All of Greg's designs can be purchased from his web store here:

Source Files


Model files for this project are available for free, licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution license(Modifications and reproduction of the design are allowed, but require credit to the designer.

Recommended Hardware


Note: The noise blocker fan can be found on Amazon or likely any pc parts re-seller.


It may be helpful to get a compatible connector to interface with the original port. These can be found at digikey with the following part numbers/links, if you want to cut the wire off of your old fan that will also work.

Installation Tips

You only need one of the each of those items. The wire comes terminated on both ends, all you will need to do is cut it in half and solder it to the 3pin header. You can also get just the crimp connector, but the only tool for crimping them properly runs $1400 USD (ouch) so getting the wire pre-terminated seems to be the best bet.

Modding the Mod

It is also possible to make the Noiseblocker fan even quieter for the most demanding of silent game console enthusiasts. The addition of a Noctua low speed resister can make the fan completely silent. (Hint this is a 51ohm 1w resistor Digikey; P51W-1BK-ND )


GC 3D Print Mod 001.jpg GC 3D Print Mod 002.jpg