GameCube:Battery Replacement

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The GameCube uses a soldered, non-rechargeable CR2032 battery to run the clock and the SRAM (used for the officially-available settings, video mode preferences for qualifying games, and even some homebrews such as the default storage for Swiss). Leaving the console plugged in when not in use will not save battery power as the GameCube's power button is a mechanical switch that completely disconnects the power supply's output.

Conveniently located on the front panel PCB along with the power LED, reset button, and controller ports, the battery can be replaced like for like; alternatively, most horizontal CR2032 holders, such as one recycled from a junk computer motherboard, can be fitted therefore easing future replacements, while also providing access to more readily available and cheaper tabless batteries.

After installation
Close-up (fitted with incorrect polarity: positive side must go toward LED or console will not boot)