GameCube:Creating Game Save Backups

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On console


Both the GameCube IPL and the Wii Menu provide basic (and artificially crippled, in the case of protected saves) file management between GameCube memory cards.


GCMM is the leading Wii and GameCube homebrew for real save management, with the ability to operate on individual saves, all saves, or the full memory card image. Recent versions added SD2SP2 and even GCLoader storage support.


GameCube:Swiss's file management features can, unsurprisingly, be used to copy saves across supported devices.

Game Boy Interface (GBI)

If you have a Game Boy Player, you have the option to dump GBA games and saves. See this page for more information.


USB memory card

Third party memory cards with additional USB interface were available. They require proprietary software which might be limited to old/32bit Windows.