GameCube:Trusted Sellers and Hardware List

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Black Dog Technology u/Citrus3000PSI - Modding parts

Castlemania Games - Modding tools, parts, accessories

Console5 - Parts and accessories

Digikey - Electronic Components

LaserBear Industries - 3D Printed Parts, Modding parts

RetroFixes - Repair Parts, Accessories

RetroGameRepairShop - Repair parts, Modding parts, accessories

RetroGamerStuff - Modding parts, repair parts

ZedLabs (UK) - Repair Parts, accessories, modding parts

Softmod Supplies

Swiss Homebrew Memory card (Preloaded)


SD2SP2 (SD Card Reader)

Allows the use of SD cards greater than 2GB capacity

Memory Card SD Adapter

Only allows SD Cards up to 2GB

Hardmod Supplies


GCLoader PNP (ODE)

The belows are the only authorized sellers of real GCLoaders, almost all eBay sellers are chinese clones do NOT function correctly.

GCLoader PNP Mounts


GCDual is an internal hardware mod designed to run GC-Video by Ingo Korb for the DOL-001 Nintendo Gamecube. It outputs analog video and digital simultaneously.

Video Adapters

Unless otherwise stated, all of the below adapters require the Digital Media port on the DOL-001 models, or a modified DOL-101

Carby (HDMI)


PrismHD (HDMI)

Repair Parts

Capacitor Kits

Controller Thumbsticks/Buttons