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See also: Nintendo Multi Out


  • NUS-003 (same as N64 although artwork was updated. Country-specific suffixes.)


  • SHVC-007 (twin RCA, mono, for NTSC systems)
  • SHVC-008 (triple RCA, stereo, for NTSC systems)
  • Unmarked (triple RCA, stereo, for PAL systems, with decoupling capacitors and termination resistors)


On NTSC models only.

  • SHVC-009


On PAL models only.

  • DOL-013 (SCART, backwards compatible with composite, with decoupling capacitors and termination resistors)


Famously expensive even before the inevitable price escalation due to having their own DAC, as the integrated one doesn't support 31 kHz modes (or, for that matter, YPbPr.)

  • DOL-009 (D-Terminal, active converter, same as DOL-010 with different connector)
  • DOL-010 (triple RCA, active converter, can be modified to output RGB)