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An EverDrive is a regular looking cart with an SD card slot at the top, which enables you to back-up your original game files (ROMs) and play translated games/homebrew. It's also designed to work on real hardware as well as certain clone console, behaving just like a real game cartridge would.The cartridge is easy to use. You "drag and drop" files from your computer onto a * micro sd card that you insert into the Everdrive. When you turn on your console, a list of games will appear. With your controller, you select the title and you're done! A single SD/microSD card is used to store the OS, games and save data.

Everdrive GB Comparison

Three different EverDrive’s are available for the GameBoy and similar to the MegaDrive the top end X7 is a huge leap from the X3 & X5 versions. The X3 & X5 are designed for people looking to play games perfectly without the extra features whilst gamers looking for the top end EverDrive which offers extra hardware power, more memory, hacked rom support and in-game saves, the X7 is the perfect choice.

Feature Everdrive GB X3 Everdrive GB X5 Everdrive GB X7
Cost $39 USD $55USD $129 USD
Memory Type 8MB 8MB 16MB
Save RAM 128KB 128KB SRAM 256KB SRAM
Hardware Lattice ICE40 FPGA Lattice ICE FPGA Altera Cyclone FPGA+ Max II CPLD
Save State
In-game menu
Hacked ROM Support
USB Developer port
Sega CD RAM Cart Support
OS Update
Harware Mega-key
SMS Pause
Saves without reset

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