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Page content & researching collaboratively taken from's Jaguar page with permission.

There's only one Jaguar model, but it has two revisions.

Models + Revisions

Models are arranged chronologically. Revisions are underneath their respective model.

“Jaguar” (1993-1996)

The Jaguar console, of which no alternative versions were ever made. Weird “toilet seat” shape, top loading cartridge, easily broken cartridge pins, native RGB out on the back, plus a “DSP” port. The JagLink network adapter used the DSP port, which apparently follows typical RS-232 conventions.

“K Serial” (1993-1993/94?/95?)

Easily identified by the serial number that begins with a K. The early ones have some faults in the chips + build, but have ADC in the controller ports, which allows using analogue controllers on the system. However, some K systems were produced later, eliminating both the faults and the analogue support. K serial systems supposedly work better with the quite difficult Jaguar CD, but this needs verification and is currently unsubstantiated.

“M Serial” (1993/94?-1996)

Easily identified by the serial number that begins with an M. There appears to be nothing relevant about this revision, outside of what things it doesn’t have, those things being K's chip faults and ADC ports.