LaserActive:CLD-A100 Important Recommendations

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Warning Not following these recommendations could result in damage to your Laseractive!

Assembly, disassembly and packaging the Laseractive are fraught with various pitfalls that can result in damage to the player (physical and/or electrical). These recommendations are provided to prevent many of these issues encountered by various techs.

Move Laser/Pickup to rear before manual tray ejection

If the pickup rail is too far forward, trying to manually eject the tray or physical shock could result in the plastic pickup rail being broken. Manually move the laser pickup rack/rail as far back as the pulley will allow it.


When lubricating the carriage assembly, ONLY use white lithium grease to ensure maximum material compatibility. Failure to do so could result in breakdown of the plastics and eventual failure.

Bend the Chassis front lip

When sending the Laseractive in the mail, it is advised to bend the top-front lip of the chassis cover. This prevents a condition in which, when encountering a physical shock, could cause the side edges of the lip to cut through the sides of the front fascia of the player. Simply bend the two corners inward as shown to prevent this.

FTSB-Carriage Assembly Ribbon Orientation

When reassembling the player, be mindful of the orientation of the CD/LD Carriage-to-FTSB Ribbon orientation. Failure to properly install this ribbon will result in improper operation of the tray, as the loading position switches are among the signals carried on this ribbon.