LaserActive:PAC-S10 FRAM Save RAM Modification

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Replacing the Save RAM in the PAC-S10/S1 with an FRAM IC is the same process as the Sega/Mega CD and it's variants. With this modification, the lithium battery is no longer required and can be removed.

The SRAM IC reference designator is IC22. Once located, remove the IC using well established practices and replace with either of the following FRAM IC's.

Using the 64k FM16W08-SG

This part is a direct replacement for the original SRAM IC. Simply replace the IC with the FRAM. No pin lifting necessary.

Using the 256k FM18W08-SG

If the 64k part is out of stock, it is also possible to use the 256k variant, but it is necessary to either ground pin 1 or tie it to +5V. The /RESET signal from the battery management IC will be constant during console operation, so it is safe to leave pin 26 as is. The recommended configuration is to simply jump Pin 1 to pin 28.