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Warning This additional ICP is considered essential, as losing any voltage rail on the Laseractive can cause it's negative complementary voltage rail to compensate, damaging IC's in the process (such as the audio demodulator on the VIDEO BOARD).

With later revisions of the CLD-A100 power supply, Pioneer/Nichicon began to install an additional ICP-N50 circuit protection element for the +5V rail supplying the INTF board.

Later revision PSU (above) and early revision PSU (bottom)

Installation Guide

Sever Existing +5V Trace to CN4

Using a hobby knife, sever the trace as indicated in the photo. For clarity, the trace is just to the left of the silkscreen box enclosing the pins for CN1.

Do not remove RJ25, as it is used to bias the +5V rail (pin 1) on CN1.

Install ICP-N50

Apply insulating material, such as polyimide/kapton tape or an insulated foam pad around the area where the new ICP will lay. Lead form one leg of the ICP to face towards IC202. Using 26AWG+ diameter wire (2A rating or better), solder the leg facing IC202 to the "upper" leg of IC202 (the leg further from CN3). The other leg of the ICP should be facing CN1. Solder the leg to CN4, pins 3 and 4. The leg can be placed between the two pins.


Verify that IC202 is the source for the +5V rail and not IC201. IC201 supplies standby "EVER" +5V and if it is connected to the "SW" +5V rail, odd behaviors will occur, such as PAC BIOS freezing.