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N64Digital is a digital to digital HDMI output upgrade for the Nintendo 64. It simultaneously outputs analog RGB/YPbPr through the multiout. The kit includes a PCB and Flex that must be soldered into the N64. This kit is meant for advanced installers only.

Compatible Models

N64Digital is compatible with all N64 models and all regions. Pikachu models are not supported yet as a spacer is needed.

By default the N64Digital requires a small case cut for the mini hdmi connector. Laser Bear has a no cut solution, https://laserbear.net/shop/ols/products/n64-digital-no-cut-mod. H

Note Both Analog and HDMI cannot be used at the same time when using the no cut solution, because a standard AV multi-out cable and an HDMI mini cable will not fit mechanically at the same time.

Spare Flex Cables

Spare RCP Flex Cables: PixelFX.co
Spare RGB Flex Cables: PixelFX.co

Controller Hot Keys

Open OSD

  • L Trigger + R Trigger + DPad Right + C Right

Reset N64

  • Z Trigger + R Trigger + A + B + Start

Resolution Switch

  • L Trigger + R trigger + DPad Up + C Up
(Switches any resolution to 1080p and 1080p to 480p (saved resolution is not changed)

Deblur Switch

  • On: L Trigger + R Trigger + DPad Up + C Down
  • Off: L Trigger + R Trigger + DPad Down + C Down

Guides and Installation Documents

Recommended Installers


  • (USA, TX) Dragon’s Hoard Gaming dragonshoardgaming.com





  • (AUS) RetroSales RetroSales.com.au