N64:PAL Funtastic Model S-Video Restore Mod

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All NTSC and most PAL N64's can output S-Video without a mod, but you’ll need a different cable for PAL than NTSC. It’s believed that the NUS-CPU-P-03 (Pikachu and Funtastic) and the NUS-CPU-R-01 (French release) are the only ones that don’t support S-Video from the factory, but you’ll need to connect your cable to be sure. If your unit doesn't support S-Video, you can restore the N64's S-Video circuit to the multi-out using this mod from Jan from Consoles4You.

Re-connect the luma and chroma traces from the chip

The Y&C pins from the MAV-NUS chip are just floating and not connected to the traces that are right in front of them!

  1. Scrape off a tiny bit of the motherboard's mask layer in front of pin 25.
  2. Solder a jumper wire between pin 25 and the trace.
  3. Connect pin 29 on the chip to the via directly above it.


Restore the missing components near the multi-out

Now you'll have to re-populate the four missing components near the multi-out. In order to solder them, you’ll need to carefully scrape off the mask over the pads and solder them in place.

  1. On top are two 47pF SMD capacitors. You’ll need to cut the traces between them, then scrape the green mask over the mounting squares.
  2. Below that, DA7 and DA8 appear to be two ESD diodes with different polarity.