N64:Video Output Notes

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  • Some N64 expansion pack games output in 480i, instead of 240p. This might cause issues with certain scalers that drop out when switching resolutions. Also, scanlines will look different in 480i and you'll see some "interlaced flicker".
  • If you're using a CRT, RGB-modding might not be worth the effort, as both composite video and S-Video do not look much worse than component or RGB.
  • If you'd prefer to play your N64 on flat-screen TV's, an RGB mod will allow for a sharper image with better colors, but it's not necessary. Using a RetroTINK 2x or RAD2x linedoubler with a smoothing filter can give you a great 480p image and products like the RetroTINK 5x will provide an excellent 1080p (or higher) output just by using a set of S-Video cables.