NDS:Identifying Firmware Version with PictoChat

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It is possible to identify the revision of your Nintendo DS/DS Lite firmware by purposely crashing PictoChat by removing a DS/GBA cartridge whilst the application is running.


  1. Place a DS or GBA cartridge in their respective slot. Flashcards will work too, unless they are auto-bootable and shows no icon, such as the original R4.
  2. Turn on your DS or DS Lite by holding down the Power button, ensuring it boots to the menu.
  3. Launch PictoChat and enter any chat room.
  4. While in the chat room, remove the cartridge from the slot.
  5. Take note of the way in which your DS/DS Lite crashes.

Outcomes and Firmware Revisions

V1 firmware

PictoChat freezes outright, no color on either screen.

V2 firmware

Greyish-blue color on both screens.

V3 firmware

Dark green color on both screens.

V4 firmware

Bright golden yellow color on both screens.

V5 firmware

Magenta color on both screens.

V6 firmware

Dark blue color on both screens.

V7 firmware

The DS/DS lite does NOT crash at all.