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Similar to the 240p Test Suite that's available for other consoles, there exists a set of test patterns to dial in color and geometry settings on your display using your Neo Geo AES, MVS, or CD. See this site for the official release and instruction set.


Neo Geo CD

Burn the following .NRG image file with the software "Nero Burning Rom" with a CD/DVD writer to a blank 650 MB or 700 MB CD-R. Burn as slow as possible (not faster than 16x).

Exclamation-circle-fill.svgCD-RW or DVD discs will not work. Also, the data side of the CD-R needs to be bright and shiny. Don't use discs with dark blue, dark green or black data side surfaces because they can't be read properly by the NGCD laser unit and will cause an "DISK I/O ERROR" (for instance Verbatim's "AZO" CD-Rs with dark blue data side will not work).

Monitor Test Tool 1.3 for Neo Geo CD (NRG Image File for Nero)

Monitor Test Tool 1.3 for Neo Geo CD (ROM Set for Emulators like NeoRaine) Monitor Test Tool 1.3 for NeoCD SD-Loader (ISO/CUE Image File)

Neo Geo MVS / AES

Copy the following .NEO file to a flash cartridge and start the "Monitor Test Patterns" tool from the software list. Alternatively, you could build a cartridge by replacing the P1, S1, M1, V1 and C1/C2 ROM chips of a regular SNK cartridge with the files of the ROM set.

Monitor Test Tool 1.3 for Neo Geo MVS / AES (NEO File for NeoSD Cartridges) Monitor Test Tool 1.3 for Neo Geo MVS / AES (ROM Set for Emulators like MAME)